Why customers choose us

Customers are always saying that they enjoy shopping at the Jungle Gift Shop because it is entirely different from the other Gifts shops in Belize that are around. They relish the professional service, the quality clothing, and the grand variety of Gifts to choose from in the store. Come and make your own memories at the Jungle Gift Shop Duty Free. It's a shopping adventure!

Quality Clothing

There is nothing better than knowing that you are getting the best clothing at the best prices, and at Jungle Gift Shop, you get just that!

Professional Service

At Jungle Gift Shop, we believe in the importants of professional service and invest in our staff to offer the best customer experience for our customers.

Grand Variety of Gifts

We offer an amazing array of souvenirs that one may never seen before, and the best part is, that you can find something for the entire family.

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Jungle Gift Shop - Shopping in Belize

The Biggest Duty Free Gift Shop in Belize

There are many gift shops in Belize, but Jungle Gift Shop is the gift shop that has raised the bar, and is the #1 one stop shop for shopping in Belize! It is the best recommended for friends and families and is the first choice for ever returning customer.


With hundreds of products to get lost in, this gift shop in Belize is the ideal place to find exactly what you need at the Fort Street Tourism Village.


The products range from t-shirts, dresses, long and short pants for men and women and also children and many more to mention. Unique souvenirs from Belize, marvelous accessories, enjoyable toys for the kids and a diverse array of utensils.


Take advantage of great deals!

Immerse yourself in a ocean of sales, special offers and promotions. Unbeatable prices like you have never seen before in Belize.


Dance to the great music and be relax in the most comfortable and amicable atmosphere to shop in. Customers are always extremely excited and pleased while shopping at Jungle Gift Shop.


Our goal is to provide every customer with the best shopping experience they have ever had on their vacation. After all, it is your dream vacation. Complete your vacation dream and get what you need, when you need it.


Shop in style! Shop comfortably! Shop with no limits!


Jungle Gift Shop - Shopping in Belize


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