About us

One of the most outstanding elements about us here at Jungle Gift Shop, is that we are the Biggest Duty Free Gift Shop in the Beautiful country of Belize, located in Terminal 3 at the cruise ship port of Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City, Belize.

With hundreds of products to get lost in, unbeatable prices, and the most comfortable and amicable atmosphere to shop in, customers are always extremely excited and pleased after shopping at Jungle Gift Shop; every customer’s one stop shop.


To provide every Customer with the Best Shopping experience they ever had in Belize.


The Vision of Jungle Gift Shop is to fulfill every shopping need of any customer that enters the store. It doesn’t matter where they are from, what language they speak, or even what size is needed, the friendly staff that are committed to carrying out your every need.

Meet the Team

Another great element about us here at Jungle Gift Shop is that there is a phenomenal and highly trained team, who is behind the everyday business activities that goes on at the store. The gift shop caters to hundreds of customers on a regular basis, and to keep the exemplary service alive, the leaders have integrated the talents and strengths of every staff. They stand on their goal to provide every customer with the best shopping experience that they ever had in Belize. This highly trained team are waiting just for you, to serve you with a smile.

Here are a little insight on the remarkable team at Jungle Gift Shop.

Rebeca Sarai

Rebeca Sarai

Rebeca is always drive to perform with excellence and professionalism.

Brandon J. Cayetano

Brandon J. Cayetano

Brandon has dedicated his time and service to the company from ever since their inception.

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